Jun 7, 2018


Hi, my dear shiny people, I know that you are online shopping lovers as I am, so I decided to find a store perfect for a quick online shopping tour. When you go to my blog or Instagram profile you may think that I buy clothes or jewelry every day, but it isn't true.  I don't like to go at shopping malls. For me, it is too much of drama. So, I become an almost professional online shopper. When I see clothes or accessories I like I try to find it online first. And that's how I found Talever. 

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend got married. I was truly happy to be her wedding guest and was searching for a perfect dress almost two months. But unfortunately, didn't find one. I had some ideas about the dress, made a special board on Pinterest for that occasion but I found nothing. So, I want to help any of you with the same issue. At Talever you can find a beautiful Talever casual dress for wedding. You will look chic, sexy but relaxed and ready for a long party. I was really impressed with a huge size range so you can find a dress in standard S, M and L size, but there is also XXL, 3XL, and 4XL. Beautiful dresses for anyone!

If you know me then you probably also know how much I like summer. Sunny days are my favorite. So, I like to shop lovely dresses on sale , too. My perfect summer dress should be loose and short, boho and romantic. For summer, I also like stripes and bows, naked shoulders, and ruffles.  I love to imagine myself as a beautiful but wild summer princess. Sounds fun, isn't it? You should try it!

My next stop at Talever was casual long dresses section. I almost never wear long dresses, but I like to see it on the others. A long chiffon dress with tin straps is very sexy, but you can wear it in a more casual way, too. What about long dress and flats or maybe sneakers? Those dresses are perfect for your busy days or daily activities. You can be in rush and also be very trendy. Now I convinced myself that I need casual maxi dresses. And you, do you need one?

And finally, let me show you a couple of maxi dresses for women. A pretty maxi dress is must have in your wardrobe over the summertime. It is practical for a night out with friends or maybe walks with your boyfriend. You just need right accessories and high heels, and you will transform this kind of dress from day to night outfit.

Talever price range is low, so I found some cheap but beautiful dresses. Descriptions are very detailed so you can read a lot of information about sizes, measurements, material, and style. Shipping is free for all international orders over 39$. I also love to see close up photos so I can be sure that I will get nice quality for the price. 

Have you heard about this online store before and would you check Talever?

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