Jun 27, 2018


Hello, my dear friends.  First of all, you need to know that I am a huge bag lover but also rarely change my bag cause I am too lazy for that.  But that doesn't mean that I don't buy bags. If you ask my mother, I do that too often. So, today I will talk to you about a new online store I discovered a couple of days ago. Baginning.com is one of the coolest bag stores I ever saw and I fell in love with almost every single bag on the website. 
At the website, you can find hundreds of beautiful and trendy bags you can wear on any occasion. I found some of my personal favorites at purse and jelly purse section. I really liked transparent bags because they look cool, trendy and chic. You will look more fashionable with some of those bags in your hands, for sure. But you will choose one of the holographic bags if you are brave enough. Don't forget to scroll down to the page if you want to find more information about measurements. Also, there you can find more pictures of bags from different angles. 

All bags are made from PVC so we can tell they are nice to wear on rainy days, but you will still look beautiful and trendy. Also, you can wear those clear and jelly purses at the beach, and some of them are big enough to be used as beach bags. Price range is pretty reasonable for the quality you get. Also, you should know that you get free shipping for all orders so we could tell it is a pretty good deal. 

You can see some of my favorites in the pictures in the post and I hope you like my choice, but if you don't please visit Baginning.com and find your favorites. There is enough bags for everybody's style or personal taste.  You should definitely check it out. 

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