Jun 19, 2018


Hello, my lovely readers. Today I will talk about my favorite online store so far. Before I start writing about the sweetest clothes ever want to tell you something important about myself. I am not a mother but I am really, madly, deeply in love with every single piece of kids clothing in the universe and I blame it on Pinterest. You can visit me there and will see a special board called Baby, fashion, love. And that's how I found Popreal.

This website was a true discovery for me because I never saw so many lovely matching family outfits at the same place. It is a real cuteness overload. At Popreal you can find a lot of lovely dresses for mothers and adorable dresses for their daughters, as well. They are all matching, of course. Price range is almost unbelievable, so you can find really cute combos for just 9 or 10$. It sounds perfect, I know.

At first, I thought those outfits go together as a set but I found out that you are buying dresses separately. For example, if you want to buy outfit which costs 9.19$ that means you will pay 9.19$ for a girl dress but 9.73$ for a mom dress. So check the price tag before you make your order. 

I love how feminine and romantic look all outfits and they are perfect for birthday or family photoshoots, but also you can find cute matching family outfits for a holiday or vacations. Also, I think it could be a  beautiful gift for new mothers who love to take photos with their little ones. But why stop there? At Popreal you can find matching outfits for brothers and sisters but also there is a cute Daddy & me section. And finally, you can buy outfits for the whole family. Mommy, daddy and their kids could have perfectly matching outfits for just a couple of dollars.

Have you heard for Popreal before? Would you wear matching family outfits?

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