Apr 23, 2018


One year ago I had some health issues. My eyes were very sensitive to the sun, I had dark circles around my eyes and was tired all the time. Once I had very bad vertigo and was unconscious a couple of seconds. It was very scary experience for me, so I decided to visit my ophthalmologist.  She told me that my eyesight is bad and I had to start wearing prescription glasses immediately. I am not sure why but for me it was very difficult. I thought I will be ugly and insecure with this new accessory on my face, but when I put the first pair of glasses everything changed. I felt great and beautiful because my health is more important than my personal appearance.

I didn't think a lot about my new glasses and bought the first pair of glasses I tried on. 

Now, I am ready to think once again about my perfect prescription glasses and start my search at Zeelool, the website I found a couple days ago. I want to help you to understand how important is to wear eyeglasses if you need them and also help you to find your perfect pair of glasses, too.

I am not a huge fan of cat-eye shaped eyeglasses, but I really like cute glasses frames. What do I mean when I say 'cute'? I mean - square and geek glasses. I know, I know.

At the Zeelool Prescription Eyeglasses Frames Online, they have a really wide range of eyeglasses for every type of eye, face or personal style. Yes, you can wear glasses and still look very stylish. The most popular shape of glasses is, of course, cat eye and I think everyone wears it these days. At this website, you can find them, but you can also find oval, round, rectangular, small, large, cute, feminine, matte or glossy frames... I am sure you can find there every shape of Glasses frames for women you can imagine. 

As someone who wears prescription glasses, I already know what I want and what I need. You can shop your glasses by gender, by the shape of glasses you are searching for, by material and by lens type. Also, you can find great glasses at highlights section but if you have small budget definitely check SUMMER SALE. And finally, if you are fashion lover there is a wide range of really fashionable frames you will love. I was truly surprised how many really cool frames I found. 

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Do you wear glasses and which style is your personal favorite?

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