May 15, 2018


In the previous post about Zeelool prescription glasses, I told you that I am not a huge fan of cat eye glasses. I think they don't suit me well, but they are really popular now and I am sure most of you like cat eye shape. They are very feminine, romantic and they have old Hollywood vibe. Some of them you can find at the Zeelool online store.

As we already know Zeelool offers really cute prescription glasses. There is a lot of shapes, colors, and sizes.  I never saw so many fashionable prescription glasses at the same place. But for me, quality of it is more important than anything. I was really impressed with the fact there is a six steps quality inspection before shipping. The second great thing about those glasses is the free scratch proof coating. Also, you can get some free accessories from Zeelool. It can be a pair of eyeglasses, screwdriver or microfiber cleaning cloth. Everything you need for your better view. 

Eyeglasses aren't just necessity, they are a huge fashion statement now. You need glasses that fits with your outfit, jewelry, accessories, shoes or hairstyle. They are really important for your personal style and appearance. You shouldn't wear too large, heavy and uncomfortable eyeglasses. The most important thing is to feel great with your glasses on. At Zeelool you have hundreds of glasses so you can choose smart and with no pressure. Every shape has a very detailed description of size, measurements, material, RX and PD range. Also, I like to read the comment section, too.

And finally, I came to one pretty interesting shape of eyeglasses - half frame glasses. And let me tell you something... This style is just for brave ones. But if you are searching carefully you can find very beautiful and wearable half frame eyeglasses such as Becki Round Glasses and Maria Half Frame Glasses. Those are my personal favorites. Right now I am in love with tortoise jewelry and I was happy when I found eyeglasses with the same texture.

Did you know you have two shopping options at Zeelool? You can buy glasses with lenses by your choice, but also you can buy just frames. Also, there is Summer Sale on the website so if you buy one pair of glasses, you can get 50% off for the second one. But, if you buy two pairs than you get free shipping. So, I think it is a pretty good deal, isn't it?

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