Apr 30, 2018


Today we will talk about a new website we found - Berrylook

Sometimes it can be difficult to find nice Women's Clothing Online. There is a lot of shopping sites but often you can't find what do you need. The most common issue is too many pages or items and it is really hard to dig something you want to order. 

At Berrylook website you can find women clothing, beautiful accessories, shoes and last but not least men clothing. It was very interesting to go to this website and read all positive comments about their items so we can assume it is a good quality for the price. Also, it is great to finally find shopping website with pretty good size range, from S to 5XL. We found very convenient that every item has detailed description of material, season, pattern type or occasion. The left sidebar is part of the website where you can filter your search. The search box wasn't very useful for us.

You know we like to talk about jewelry here, aren't you? So, we took a look at this section, too. If you are searching for elegant, dainty and feminine jewelry Berrylook is a perfect place for you. You can find a lot of crystal, pearl, silver or gold drop earrings, but our favorites are bracelets from this website. 

Women Summer Dresses are the first thing we searched on Berrylook. It is spring but we already think of summer. We found cute and very sophisticated dresses and it is easy to imagine them on business women or mothers. The most of them are solid-colored medium length dresses but also you can find very beautiful pattern dresses, as well. Berrylook is website made for those who love to wear classy but not too sexy dresses. Also, there you can find very beautifully made women maxi dresses.

Lately, we are in the mood for searching new shopping websites. Berrylook is one of them. As you can see, we already like it. It's shopping time!

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  1. I placed on order on 7/26 for which they stated would be delivered between 5-12 days. They immediately took my $ but I have yet to receive the email that they have shipped so I contacted them on their website on 8/1/18, they responded 8/3/18 asking for 7-15 more days for a $5 cash coupon. I told them to cancel the order and then repeated that same information to them the next day which was 4 days ago but have not heard back. Contacted my back to dispute the amounts they charged. Will NEVER order from Berrylook.com again!


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