Jun 13, 2018


I am very picky when it comes to the hair and very rarely change my haircut. But sometimes I need something a little bit different and extreme without damaging my natural hair. Not long time ago I was impressed with a purple hair and wanted it so bad. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough. It was the first time I have been thinking about buying a wig, so I researched and found a great online store called Everydaywigs.com.

It is nice to have a wig if you want to have unique hairstyle quick and for a low price. You can have a long or short, curly or straight hair easy and everything you have to do is buy a wig. And that's it! An application is very easy and you can do it in less than a minute! Right now, having a colorful wig is very trendy!

What I like about this website is the fact you can find there almost every hair color or length you can imagine. Black, purple, pink, blond, brown hair, all at one place and you can have it immediately. The first style I looked for was ombre wigs because it is my favorite way of hair coloring. Ombre looks nice in almost all color combinations but it can be really hard to find a hairdresser who knows how to do it. 

At Everydaywigs.com you can find synthetic lace front wigs and human hair wigs for white women, as well. Also, don't worry about lace quality, it is a nicely made and you get lace color by your choice. The right wig lace color is very important if you want to hide the fact that you are wearing a wig.  The transparent one is the best choice for fair skin tones, but if you have darker skin tone you have to choose between light, medium and dark brown wig lace. Be sure that you measure your head following instruction on the website so you can get the right cup size. 

And for the end, let's talk a little bit about a huge color range. If you liked Rihanna's gray hair as I did, this website is a perfect place for you. As her fan, you need to check pink lace front wigs, too. Rihanna is a huge fashion icon for me and the website reminds me how amazing she looks in any hair color. But if you want to buy blond hair, Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of how to wear it. So, maybe I'll give a chance to blonde lace front wigs. What do you think about this blond wig style worn by Kim?

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