Jun 25, 2018


If you are long enough here you probably remember that we introduced FashionMia last year. It is an online store which offers lots of trendy fashion items but you can find some great accessories, too. I shop online often and know what I want from shopping websites. I want quick navigation, detailed description, nice sizing and, of course, I want to get items that look like the pictures on the website. Sounds easy, but often it's not the case. That was the main reason why I decided to talk a little bit about FashionMia, cause this time I was thrilled with the website. 

What I like the most is a NEW section. There you can find all new arrivals by the date. And of course that I find my perfect shirt dress there. My favorite trend this year are polka dots and every time I see a dotted dress, swimsuit or shirt I lose my mind. I already have 4 or 5 dotted fashion items but of course, I need more. 

The first thing that caught my eye were women's blouses which are perfect for summertime, but also you can wear them on different occasions such as weddings, business meetings or family dinners. Also, you can be creative with blouses and wear them with skirts, shorts, pants, or combine them with blazers for a colder season of the year. So, we can tell you can wear them all the time! How much do you like those kinds of fashion items? For me, it is very important!

The second thing that I like about FashionMia is really low price range. You can buy some cheap t shirts but you don't have to worry about quality.  Everything is nicely made and really comfortable. The style of items is sophisticated and feminine but also very comfortable to wear. I think it is perfect for women who don't like to wear too sexy and provocative clothes. 

You probably have heard about FashionMia before but is nice to mention it one more time. Right now, you can find some great deals on the website. Also, don't forget men's section. As I already told everything you need to be ready for a holiday is waiting for you at Fashion Mia, so don't hesitate to visit it right now. Buy now, think later. Fashion Mia is waiting for you. 

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