May 13, 2018


If you are long enough here, you know how much I like my long, dark brown hair. But, sometimes I find it boring and not so easy for styling. My favorite haircut is long V cut, I never dyed my hair and I'm trying to not use flat iron or dryer often. My hair is in very good condition so I am not ready to destroy all my hard work now. So, do I really need tape in hair extensions? Yes, I do!

I am a huge fan of balayage, but, of course, I won't dye my natural hair. So, I decided to find a tape in extensions two or three shades lighter than my hair color and create beautiful balayage or ombre effect without damaging. I found these BHF tape extensions made from 100% virgin human hair, available in lots of colors, from platinum blonde to true black. My personal favorite is Chocolate Brown. 

Extensions are available in 3 different lengths 40, 50 and 55 centimeters, so I think they are really nice for adding volume to your natural hair. I like big hair because it is great for creating some beautiful locks and gorgeous hairstyles. Every pack contains 20 pieces and we can tell it is a pretty good deal for the price. 

You can also try some tape extensions if you already have some hair changes on your mind. Try different length, color or make a smooth transition to light or dark hair. The best thing about extensions? You don't need too much time or experience for application. It is really easy and you can do it in 20 minutes. Also, you don't need to worry about split ends or dryness. Those extensions are an almost perfect solution if you want to grow your hair. Their shine is natural and you can style them really fast.

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